Body and Soul β™‘

20170803_192020Look ! What you’ve done to the universe in my mind
It all unites to make me Β feel that I am all yours
And my heart, my heart is no more malleable
With every beat it asks for another one of yours
Sometimes my eyes are cloistered to feel your existence
They are the ones contemplating about you every-time
Your voice makes me want you to stay forever
It’s my favourite lullaby I crave for everynight
My bones are an earnest proof for your trust
So as them it cannot be broken
And about the smile… I just want to enunciate
“Damn! This is where it all began.”

I Do Remember.

I remember your face I remember your smile
I also remember the words when you said goodbye
And now that you’re gone
There’s nothing left to do wrong
It was only you who made me cry
and I’ll never forgive you for this until I die
I spent my time thinking about only you
but now I have much more to do
I kept asking ‘why you did this to me ?’
but now I say ‘thanks you did this to me.’
Before I just wished to stay in the moments spent with you
but now I want to delete them if I could really get a chance to
After all this we are neither friends nor enemies
we are just the most familiar strangers
You taught me a really good lesson
to never ever trust a person
and let me have an experience
of love,life and all that sense
Before I used to hate myself for loving you
and now I love myself hating you
Your love was fake and mine was true
That’s the reason I still love you.


As we grow older and older
we experience the real life
We try to stay bold and strong
ready for the coming storm
We laugh, we cry, we dance, we fight
we wish and we try…
sometimes to change ourselves
or to change others
or to understand the purpose
of “why it all had to be this way?”
healing, learning and experiencing
every ounce of an emotion
with chaos in mind
as to what’s right and what’s wrong
just trying to live another day
without hurting, complaining or regretting
But above all…at this stage
we learn how to LIVE.

I’am Just A Simple Girl β™‘


cropped-screenshot_20170720-231309.pngI’am just a simple girl
leading my life in a whirl
I do imagine silly things
like flying on my wings
I do all the work of mine
but never on time
I want to achieve great streams
with all my dreams
Sometimes I get exhausted with my routine
but then think “I am just a teen !”
I Β never do my work with ease
ofcourse my friends do tease
I want to hop,jump and run
but never in the hot sun
I want take a swirl
and just travel all over the world
At times I’ll be sweet and shy
and at times rude and sly
I am neither a brave one
nor a great one
I’am just a simple one.